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Sr. Pastor Bishop Mickey Green

A word from Pastor Mickey:

 Hello, Mickey Green here. Thank you for tuning into our site. I have a word for you today.
 Psalms 25:12-15 is your word. The word fear means to honor, love, & respect Father in your life.

 Some promises to ALL who do this:

 1. Father will teach you in the way He chooses (a good way).

 2. You will dwell in prosperity (live in the land of do better each year.)  See goodness.

 3. You will walk in His blessings.

 4. He will be with you divine CONFIDENCE & boldness because you are Covenant person.

 5. He will deliver you from your enemies traps.
 Sounds like a good life to me.  Contact us by Facebook or e-mail. We will pray for you.


 Pastor Mickey
2008 Church Aflame World Outreach Ministries.
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